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You’re looking at Jefklak’s Retro Game Codex, a dedicated and highly opinionated website about nostalgic games. A lovely mix between Nintendo handheld gaming love, ’90s DOS games and old school PC RPGs that were an integral part of my youth.
That healthy cocktail left a lasting impression - and netted me the Codex (and glasses). A lot of articles have been carefully restored from the black depths of the Jefklak Archive for your entertainment. As Deckard Cain would have said it:

Stay Awhile and Listen!

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Wonderland Dizzy: Better Left Undiscovered?


Twenty-two years after the development of this NES adaptation of Magicland Dizzy, the code was rediscovered by Philip Oliver. A successful Kickstarter campaign later, it got its own physical NES cartridge release.

Rayman Legends: The Not So Definitive Edition


Back in October last year, I picked up Rayman Legends for a very reasonable price at the local mall. The problem was, the inside was empty.

Guacamelee: a Light and Colorful Four-Player Metroidvania


“Guacaaameleeeeee! Super Turbo Championship Editiooonnn!” yells the narrator as I boot up the (enhanced edition of the) game. Woah. Even the title screen immediately makes it clear: this game is lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously, the complete opposite of other metroidvanias like Hollow Knight.

The Curse of Monkey Island: Guybrush Departs From Pixels With Mixed Success


Six years after the highlight of LucasFilm Games, Monkey Island: LeChuck’s Revenge, LucasFilm turned LucasArts finally takes another stab at Guybrush’s piratey adventures in the Caribbean Sea.

Irony Curtain: From Monkey Humor With Love


What do you get when you mix the humor of The Curse of Monkey Island with the looks of Deponia and the puzzles of Broken Sword?

Bug Fables: Almost, but Not Quite, Paper Mario 3.0


Apart from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, the game that came packed with our shiny silver GameCube back in 2003, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door must be my favorite GC game—or more importantly, my favorite Mario game ever.

Kathy Rain: A Forgotten 1995 Point & Click Jewel from 2016


Adventure games are dead—the title of a forum post that pops up every few months since 1996 or so. Then devs reveal a promising title at E3, the hype is real, the tension rises, the game is released, and everybody posts adventure games are dead again.

Flipping Death


Collecting Skull and Bones—no, not the 2001 Cypress Hill album—is part of the October/November Halloween fun. Flipping Death, a 2018 game from Zoink, a Swedish developer I never heard of before, perfectly fits your autumny morbid craving.

Castlevania Advance Collection: Are GBA Vanias Still Worth It in 2021?


You enter the Castle Corridor with a knife, handed to you by Aluca—erm, right, Genya Arikado—who ushers you in, to “go to the throne room, all will be revealed”.

Super Mario Land: Mario's Weird World Tour


Somehow, I never managed to beat the first installment of the Mario Land series when I was younger. My sister got the game bundled with her Game Boy, while I got the traditional Tetris and later on bought myself straight into Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins—which was and still is awesome on all accounts.

FIFA: Road to World Cup 98


E. A. Sports. It’s In The Game!—who doesn’t remember that jaw-dropping introduction? Just in case you do need a reminder on how awesome it was to boot up FIFA Road To World Cup 98 in 1997, here’s a video highlighting all the exciting moments from the beginning to the menu system to the end of a match:

The Evercade: A Cartridge-based Modern Retro Handheld


In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, Brittany-based company Blaze came with the solution: it is not vaccine jabs, but cartridge jabs we require!

Super Metroid: the Granddaddy of Metroidvania's


After finishing Hollow Knight, I rather fancied playing another metroidvania—one I actually, to my big shame, never really touched: the granddaddy of ‘vanias, Super Metroid.

E3 2021: a Retro PC Gamer's Perspective


The summer of 2021 is here: not only the sun, but also hope is in the air. Most conferences are still mostly virtually presented, but at least this time E3 isn’t completely canceled.

Hollow Knight: Metroidvania marries Demon Souls


I hope they get divorced. That’s my review, condensed into a single sentence. As much as I loved my deep dive into the world of Hallownest, as the end came near, I tried stopping playing three times.

The Messenger: the perfect love-hate relationship


Never before have I bashed my head against the (virtual, thankfully) wall before. Celeste came close - very close. But this game… Oh, where to start.

Wizardry 8 Playthrough Blog


Wizardry 8: the Adventure Blog! I’ve been keen on replaying the whole game for old times sake - on a ‘real’ retro Win98 PC. After finally convincing my friend to install the game, we were ready to go through it together/alone, since it’s a single-player adventure. In the same fashion as other adventure blogs on this site, I thought it would be nice to do a short write-up after making a bit of progress.

Sonic Mania, four years later: still more than Grand.


I finally cracked it. I finally know what makes a grand game. It turns out to be astonishingly simple: if it makes me smile.

Titan Quest VS Diablo 2: an In-Depth Analysis


Originally released only two years after Sacred, Titan Quest combines Greek mythology with hack and slash: a world full of mesmerizing creatures to kill, wealth to collect, and above all: horrible bugs and boring gameplay.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adventure Blog


It is a fresh breeze indeed as the Island unfolds, buildings appear, and I sweat my ass off trying to collect enough lumber and clay to satisfy even the most grumpy of Tom Nooks. Welcome to the latest installment of Animal Crossing!