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Jagged Alliance 2 Review


After the successful and beloved Jagged Alliance squad-based turn-based strategy game (a whole mouth full), Sir-Tech expanded the genre by adding the sequel, Jagged Alliance 2, which was published later in 1999.

Might and Magic VII: the Review


In the year 1999 the then-existing company New World Computing released version seven of their honored Might & Magic series, subtitled “For Blood and Honor”.

Zeus Review


Argh, my temple, all messed up! Poseidon likes to destroy all buildings I carefully planted down on the coast line because he’s cranky in the morning.

Gobliins 2: the Review


Goblin Princes are Ugly Am I the only one wondering what the heck the lead artist ate the day he created Goblins?

Captain Claw Review


Ah, 2D platformers. This genre disappeared after the DOS era on the PC. Also the consoles liked more the 3D platform games like hundreds of Mario 64 clones.

Animal Crossing: Wild World Adventure Blog


It is a wild world indeed as the Acorn festival is about to start. Should I exchange some acorns ro net me a chair so I can gift Drift something for his birthday? What to do!