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Jefklaks Codex

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About the Codex

Hi, I'm Jefklak/Wouter and you're looking at "Jefklak's Codex", a dedicated and highly opinionated website about nostalgic games. The word nostalgic should be emphasized here.

Game Boy

The Grey Brick, my First Big Crush. What’s there to say? This is an iconic piece of hardware that continues to be loved all over the world by nerds and collectors who know what’s good for them.

Game Boy Advance

Finally advancing the original Game Boy and its color variant into the 32-bit era! The GBA was a huge success, and rightfully so called a Pocket SNES—not only because of the many ports.

Game Boy Color

The Gray Brick upgraded with Colors and all! Released nine years after The Original Game Boy, Nintendo—and thus, we—finally saw things in color!

Nintendo 3DS

A perhaps natural transition from the Nintendo DS to this one, with the addition of 3D. Thankfully, the device kept its backwards compatibility, but was the first in decades to (re)introduce region locking on a handheld device.

Nintendo DS

Just three years after the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo pulled the DS out of their hat, as a “side track”—which, as we all know and felt then, ended up completely replacing the Game Boy line.

Nintendo GameCube

The Purple Box one puts Mini-DVDs in: a clear departure from Nintendo’s previous cartridge-based systems, lastly seen on the N64. I have a soft spot for the GameCube, we bought the silver one together with Wind Waker and of course Smash Bros Melee.

Nintendo Switch

Is It A Handheld? Is It A Bird? It’s a Hybrid Console! And a damn good one, judging from the sales results—and the sheer number of excellent games.

No Copyright and no tracking

No Copyright Inspired by Leo Babauta’s “uncopyright and the minimalist mindset”, I decided to apply this to Jefklak’s Codex. This is the same page as my master website at Brain Baking.


Fused with keyboard and mouse, clutched behind a glowing screen, feeling the whizzing of the too many fans from the case: welcome to PC gaming!

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or simply SNES, is revered as the undisputed king of the classic 16-bit console era. With big hitters such as the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid and a plethora of jrpgs, you were pretty much set with a SNES.