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Soldier of Fortune 2: the Preview


SOF1 will undoubtedly be remembered by everyone. It caused a lot of commotion because the ‘gore’ content was so high. With SoFII this goes one step further … We finally got our hands on a Multiplayer beta and then also tested it extensively, because the screenshots on the net already looked / look great, but the gameplay is also what it should be to be?

The Sims: Vacation the Preview


Everyone is now certain that The Sims is one of the most successful Sim games ever. In America alone, 2.8 million copies were sold in May 2000!

Wizardry 8: the Review


Sirtech’s last and probably last role-playing game, Wizardy 8, was in development for a whopping 4 years. During this time, the developer lost not only common US publishers, but also massive development changes.