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The Hype Train


I’m pretty sure most of you know the feeling. A new game has been recently announced, maybe with some additional gameplay footage or early concept art.

Bugs Are Features


I’m getting fairly tired of defending Arcanum on various cough, console lovers message boards and against friends. Everybody seems to prefer Oblivion-style Roleplaying gameplay mechanics.

Windows 2D Platforming


Platform games, one of the most dominant game genres in gaming history. They spawned a whole lot of spin-off series (run-and-gun, platform puzzles, Apogee’s shareware system, Mario 64’s 3D platform debut).

Handheld Castlevanias


Portrait of Ruin is the second Nintendo DS Castlevania game. Maybe, if Komani thinks it'll be worthwile, a third one will follow, since there have been three Castlevania games released for the predecessor the Gameboy Advance.

RPG Concepts: Items


Items present in the World Did you ever play an RPG, wondering why the world is so empty?

RPG Concepts: NPCS


Watch the NPC Reaction video tests! » An NPC is basically a character not controlled by the player, who can be of great importance during the many main or side quests.

Impressive GBA RPGs


Since the Nintendo DS has been released a couple of years ago, many game related websites predicted a quick and painful death for the Gameboy Advance.

The Art of Cooperative (PC) Gaming


What could possibly more fun than playing a PC game on your own? Why, cooperative gameplay mechanics of course!

On Killing a Lich


Both old school and modern roleplaying games feature many times at least one “Lich” entry. And the evil spellcasting undead creature will almost always kick your butt without proper protection.

Animal Crossing: Wild World Adventure Blog


It is a wild world indeed as the Acorn festival is about to start. Should I exchange some acorns ro net me a chair so I can gift Drift something for his birthday? What to do!