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Ion Fury: the Spiritual Successor of Duke3D?


Time to kick ass again - and don't forget to chew bubblegum! Does Shelly and the Build engine stand a chance anno 2020?

Command & Conquer: Renegade


Westwoods Command & Conquer was one of the first and most influential real-time strategy titles ever in 1995. A universe was created that pitted two futuristic warring factions: the GDI (Global Defense Initiative or ‘the good guys’) and the Brotherhood of Nod (the bad guys), in an unrelenting military-technological war for dominance / world peace and the precious tiberium.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Review


This game was on everyone’s Christmas list long before it came out, but unfortunately it had to be postponed until 2002, like several games.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Review


The year is almost over and more and more big PC action games have been delayed until 2002, outside of Return To Castle Wolfenstein.