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RPG Concepts: Items


Items present in the World Did you ever play an RPG, wondering why the world is so empty? Do you ever wonder, while entering a noble house without any real permission, why all closets are empty or not even openable? If you happen to like looting everybody’s treasure chests, bepare to be disappointed as some wealthy NPCs keep two single gold pieces in them. Wow! The RPG world “contents” should also reflect the current neighborhood you’re traveling in.

RPG Concepts: NPCS


Watch the NPC Reaction video tests! >> An NPC is basically a character not controlled by the player, who can be of great importance during the many main or side quests. NPCs vary in importance and placement: they can either be annoying and useless or interesting and useful. Many Role-playing games only give the most important NPCs something useful to say or do. Talking to other characters makes no sense since they only answer with one of the standard sentences: “oh, you’re the princess!

Impressive GBA RPGs


Since the Nintendo DS has been released a couple of years ago, many game related websites predicted a quick and painful death for the Gameboy Advance. Thankfully, none of those predictions made it into reality since the GBA library is still steadily growing, although a whole lot slower than in 2002. Nintendo’s smart marketing ideas enabled the DS to play GBA cartridges which indirectly prolongs the overall GBA’s life. Therefore, a lot of potentially great games have been released but mainly ignored in favor of less entertaining DS games.

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