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Platform: GameCube

The Purple Box one puts Mini-DVDs in: a clear departure from Nintendo’s previous cartridge-based systems, lastly seen on the N64. I have a soft spot for the GameCube, we bought the silver one together with Wind Waker and of course Smash Bros Melee. All you need next is a WaveBird and plenty of time!

Best Of Games ยป

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# Title Category
1 The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker A
2 Paper Mario 2: Thousand Year Door A
3 Smash Bros Melee A
4 Resident Evil 4 A
5 Metroid Prime A
6 Fire Emblem: Path of Radiace B
7 Viewtiful Joe B
8 Tales of Symphonia B
9 Luigi’s Mansion B
10 Pikmin 2 B
11 Animal Crossing C
12 Super Mario Sunshine C
13 Killer 7 C
14 Super Monkey Ball 2 C
15 Baten Kaitos C
16 Alien Hominid D

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