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Jefklaks Codex

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Is It A Handheld? Is It A Bird? It’s a Hybrid Console! And a damn good one, judging from the sales results—and the sheer number of excellent games. The Switch could also be called a perfect retro (port) machine, as many previously Sony-exclusive games found its re-release here. Sadly, Nintendo ceased its 3DS line, so from now on, it’s only the Switch.

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thumbnail of Anna's Quest

Anna's Quest

Daedalic Entertainment (2015)
9.7 hrs.

thumbnail of Unpacking


Witchbeam (2021)
3.5 hrs.

thumbnail of TOEM


Something We Made (2021)
3 hrs.

thumbnail of Bug Fables

Bug Fables

Mooonsprout Games (2019)
25 hrs.

thumbnail of Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania

Christian Whitehead (2017)
5.5 hrs.

thumbnail of Titan Quest

Titan Quest

Iron Lore Entertainment (2006)
25.5 hrs.

thumbnail of Ion Fury

Ion Fury

Voidpoint (2020)
9.5 hrs.

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