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Arcanum: the Review


Hooray hooray for classic urgh-so-bad-graphics-but-so-good-gameplay RPG-games like this! Arcanum is without a doubt the best game Troika ever made, and that deserves something extra.

Arx Fatalis: the Review


Not many first person action Roleplaying games are well known, except the Ultima Underground series and of course the Elder Scrolls games.

Might and Magic VII: For Blood And Honor, The Review


In the year 1999 the then-existing company New World Computing released version seven of their honored Might & Magic series, subtitled “For Blood and Honor”.

Wizardry 8: the Review


Sirtech’s last and probably last role-playing game, Wizardy 8, was in development for a whopping 4 years. During this time, the developer lost not only common US publishers, but also massive development changes.