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A Glorious And Overdue Return To Monkey Island


(This article might contain light spoilers) It took Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman 31 years to finally decide to Return To Monkey Island, and damn I’m glad they eventually did.

The Secret of Monkey Island (Special Edition)


What is The Secret of Monkey Island anyway? Something you will not discover in this game, that’s for sure. But instead, you’ll find yourself immersed in a goofy but hearty pirate story, full of epic quests, (insult) sword fights, loot, and… undead navigator heads?

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (Special Edition)


It has been since December 2021 that I touched a Monkey Island game: The Curse of Monkey Island. What better way to celebrate the exciting upcoming release of Return to Monkey Island next week than to replay all the other games?

Day Of The Tentacle (Remastered)


If there is any adventure game that doesn’t need an introduction, it’s LucasArts' masterpiece Day of the Tentacle (DOTT). And with that, I’ve already spoiled our evaluation of the game: it’s nothing less than amazing.

The Curse of Monkey Island: Guybrush Departs From Pixels With Mixed Success


Six years after the highlight of LucasFilm Games, Monkey Island: LeChuck’s Revenge, LucasFilm turned LucasArts finally takes another stab at Guybrush’s piratey adventures in the Caribbean Sea.

Irony Curtain: From Monkey Humor With Love


What do you get when you mix the humor of The Curse of Monkey Island with the looks of Deponia and the puzzles of Broken Sword?

Kathy Rain: A Forgotten 1995 Point & Click Jewel from 2016


Adventure games are dead—the title of a forum post that pops up every few months since 1996 or so. Then devs reveal a promising title at E3, the hype is real, the tension rises, the game is released, and everybody posts adventure games are dead again.