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31 Animal Crossing GCN Features that (never?) returned

While stumbling about on the internet, looking for hidden Animal Crossing New Horizons features, I found Jeff’s Animal Crossing (GCN) blog. The guy is taking things seriously: he also has Jeff’s New Leaf blog, Jeff’s ACWW blog, and Jeff’s ACCF blog - who played City Folk anyway?

Jeff is still playing the original Gamecube version of Animal Crossing - anno 2020. And it’s great to read up on his adventures, especially as in 2018, he did a write-up on 31 Animal Crossing Features That Never Returned. Let’s take a look at them in the light of the Switch’s New Horizons.

YouTube video ZlZeco94Cj4

Things that did return (somewhat):

    1. daily glowing spot - returned! Always dig up 1.000 bells, and replant to grow a money tree. I can confirm that planting 10.000 bells nets you 30.000 once the tree has matured.
    1. The lighthouse model: in New Leaf, you can build it as the major. In New Horizons, it’s available if you redeem Nookinton points. However, it’s not part of the story.
    1. Morning aerobics - returned (sort of): I see villagers do all kinds of crazy stuff. However, I cannot join (yet?).
    1. Item trading - Now you can give villagers anything you want once you befriend them. It’s not the same as in the GCN version, but most of the times they give something back, and it’s a nice opportunity not only to get their picture but also to enlarge your furniture catalogue.
    1. Cherry blossom festival - Yes! It just passed in April.
    1. Catching Wisp’s spirits. He’s grateful and gives an item in exchange, but I can’t remember which one it was… I might have sold it. Whoops.

golden statue


Too bad no statue will be built in New Horizons…

I can’t help but wonder:

Where is the villager interaction in New Horizons?

Looking at the above YouTube video, I’m jealous of:

  • Sports games!
  • More festivities! Actual things ‘happening’!
  • A ball you can kick around together with neighbours!
  • More ways to trade/buy/sell things among villagers

I can only hope they might come later…

Also, they took GYROIDS away from us… Is this that bad? I didn’t really do anything with those strange things anyway, except selling them!

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