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Arcanum: Party Seleciton

Party Numer ONE - November 2004

Level - 25.
Laprovski - Male Dwarf - Raised by Monks
Skills - Technologist: firearms, gunsmithy, electricity & explosives
Stats - First PER Second INT Third DEX

After a few tries, this dwarf managed to get himself to Tarant. There, the beautiful game acutally started with so many options - especially for technology! The dozens of shops give you plenty of possibilities and you'll never run out of your own gadgets. This was the *decent* first-try char, but actually I would like to have a few things changed - that'll be for the next few plays. He has 2 degrees in electricity for the "charged rings" which raise your DEX by 2 each and since I didn't have enough that's good. The backup plan is throwing but I didn't get enough points and a decent non-bullet-consuming weapon... Explosives for the damage & pushing monsters backwards, works really nice. Prowling is good too but your followers tend to disagree, heh.

Level - 23.
Sogg Meat Hogg - Male Half-Orge.
Skills - Neutral: Melee, dodge.
Stats - First STR Second DEX Third CON.

Because my head char was quite a fragile guy, he needed some kind of a body guard to protect him from any enemies which came too close. I managed to get my CHA to 9 before entering the Shrouded Hills and took Sogg along. His char/voice set is VERY boring, but he is very effective in melee combat. Nothing mastered tough, but still very good. Oh yeah, explosives tend to be quite heavy, and this guy has enough STR to pack & carry everything for me. Handy!

Level - 19.
Jayna Stiles - Female Half-Elf.
Skills - Technologist: Herbology, therapeuthics & heal.
Stats - First INT Second DEX.

Being a technologist isn't always that easy, believe me. Especially healing: Virgil's Magick doesn't affect you anymore at all, so I was forced to kick him out and take along this little half-elf. She has good tech skills and can make nice +STAT potions, but she has no voice-over acting which is quite boring, too bad. And she's good aligned; will leave when attacking "good" people too much.

Party Numer TWO - 01 February 2005

Level - 31.
Rhadek Boktor - Male Halfling - Beat with Ugly Stick
Skills - Magick: Backstab, Prowling, melee, dodge, several magick realms
Stats - First DEX Second WP

I like playing very very sneaky characters. Yup, they are usually evil aligned too. Virgil doesn't care anyway... This time, I'll go for backstabbing. Comes out its too bad I did that: all poor sap enemies don't even have a chance to hit me... I'm starting to think dodge are some wasted CP points! Prowl behind your enemies, backstab, un-prowl, let your compainons do something and repeat. Mostly, level 30 beasts are slain in round one when I'm level 12 or so. That's great but it's also way too powerfull and boring to play... He uses magick like haste, blind flash, charm e.d. too. Creep armor is good!

Level - 31.
Virgil - Male Human.
Skills - Magick: White necromancy, dodge, melee & heal / lockpicks.
Stats - First INT Second DEX Third CON.

Virgil is one of the most important NPCs around the game. I was kind of sad when I dumped him in Dernhorn with Laprovski - he's really amusing. Well anyway I needed someone casting heavy heal on me when I did took some hits (very low STR+CON indeed) so why not Virgil. Dante would be a possibility too, but he doesn't have a voice set and Virgil does. Nothing much more to say...

Level - 13.
Geoffrey - Male Human.
Skills - Magick: Fire & 3 other magick realms
Stats - First CON Second INT.

The Evil Human Wizard in the cemetary. As my little halfling is quite "evil" too (Magnus is dead I think, he didn't like me killing some low-budget people in the first few cities, I needed money. What else to do?) and packs a punch in the magick realm! He already has 20 CON (why, good question - level 13 <> 13 CPs. That's wrong but hey whatever!) and keeps on rising his INT to get some extra spells. Geoffrey will also conjue some undead for you on difficult battles. Their AI isn't that good, but better than nothing.  

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