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Baldur's Gate 2: Party Guide

  • Party Number TWO - 06 Jan. 2006
    (download link no longer available)

Party Numer TWO - 06 Jan. 2006

Attitude: Xandarr, my main character. I decided to create a melee divine spellcaster, for the very first time, since I've been using Arcane Magic way too much. I ended up with three members who are able to cast divinity spells, which is awesome. Xandarr is also the main melee mob killer, besides Keldorn. He performs this job very well using two maces or a flail, fully buffed up with his own spells.

Type: Human Chaotic Good, Cleric/Ranger
Name: Xandarr
Strength: dual wielding melee combat, maces/flails, divine magic

Attitude: Ah, my beloved Inquisitor. I love this guy, especially when he's wielding the Holy Avenger, the +5 two-handled sword carefully preserved by Firkraag. The only paladin in the game. His only weak point is the low DEX, but that can be easily fixed by a pair of gauntlets. Keldorn's True Sight and Dispel Magic are very powerful and useful too.

Type: Human Lawful Good, Inquisitor
Name: Keldorn
Strength: melee 2-handled swords, crossbows, innate abilities

Attitude: I never picked up Valygar, besides the planar sphere quest. My party is always too full. Instead of creating the cheesy Kensai/mage I'm used to, I am doing fine unlocking Valygar's true powers: also katana's of course. Give him a pair of haste boots and some buffs and watch him kill. As a ranger, Valygar can also cast some useful (divine, again) spells. Radical Enemy is a plus!

Type: Human, Chaotic Good, Stalker
Name: Valygar
Strength: dual wielding melee combat, katana's, special abilities

Attitude: Cernd is the only Druid/shapeshifter in the game and it's time to spread the word: shapeshifters are powerful if you use the right strategy. Partially thanks to the shapeshifter fix modification, of course. And Cernd has access to some pretty powerful spells, and can serve as a backup healer. Yes.

Type: Human, True Neutral, Shapeshifter
Name: Cernd
Strength: melee (shapeshifted), divine magic

Attitude: I cannot live without a proper backup mage, whether it's a silly Illusionist or not. I did not rescue my sister yet, so chances are I'll ditch Jan in the future. I know all his silly stories and he was never really useful, except as a backup. But I need some thief abilities (my previous main char was an assassin).

Type: Gnome, Chaotic Neutral - Illusionist/thief
Name: Jan Janssen
Strength: Magic: Illusions, ranged - crossbows

Attitude: Ah, the main damage output has finally arrived. There is sadly no sorcerer present in the unmodified version of BG2, and I cannot live without Kelsey anymore. He never ever let me down: whether it's spamming fireballs or lowering mage's resistances and breaching their shields. Less spell picks, more spell memorization slots. That's a pretty good deal.

Type: Human, Lawful Neutral Sorcerer Name: Kelsey
Strength: Arcane magic.

Required modifications to play savegame (see Infinity Engine Mods for download links)

  • Kelsey SoA/ToB NPC
  • AbyStore
  • Rogue Rebalancing mod v3.11
  • Baldurdash BG2 fixpack (not needed, game specific)
  • BG2 Herbs & Potions (not needed, none in inventory)
  • Item Upgrades v31
  • Dark Ritual store v1.01
  • Freedom's Reign of Virtue MiniMOD
  • Questpack v2.21
  • Refinements v3.01
  • Saerileth NPC (not needed, not in party)
  • Tactics mod v23
  • Unfinished Business v14
  • Underrepresented Items v5


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