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Animal Crossing: Wild World Adventure Blog

The Cornimer is Here!

[ Date: 09/10/2006 | top ]

Yes! The Acorn festival starts today! I managed to grab 15 acorns as quickly as I could, excited to see the legendary Cornimer pop up next to my Town Hall. He seems to like me so far, I received a Mush Chair and End Table in exchange for his acorns. Pfew, luckily I threw the rotten ones away. Oh yeah, and it’s Drift’s Birthday. He got a Raven Pole from me, hehehe. So here is a picture of Jefklak’s washing/tubbing/cleaning room with too cool swords and the new mush furniture -


And Drift enjoying his present with his two best buds: me of course and Alfonso (yes that is a pretty crappy picture this time)


Strange Neighbours on the Flea market

[ Date: 07/10/2006 | top ]

Bluebear tries to persuade me to sell her own Picture she gave me a month or two ago. What is her problem? Am I not good enough for her? Doesn’t she want to be friends anymore? Or is she just a little bit greedy? Anyway, the deal is off and she’s disappointed. Bluebear shouldn’t be since she bought my Coconut palm, an Exotic Screen and even my Modern Sofa! Luckily I know where to find Nook’s Catalog.


Life in Arnika

[ Date: 20/09/2006 | top ]

This is one fine day in Arnika. Jefklak decides to do some gardening in town. With enough skills and thanks to some helpful hints, he succeeded in the flower breeding process! By carefully combining a set of white roses (positioning them next to each other) according to the guide, there might grow a purple rose. The result of weeks of gardening, patience and a lot of love is pictured here:


If you manage to keep your town clean and beautiful for 20 straight days, a special gift will be awarded. You’ll have to plant enough trees, but not too much, and weed the town every day. Be sure to plant enough flowers everywhere so your neighbours can fully enjoy them and don’t forget to water the dried up ones! Check your work by contacting Pelly at the Town Hall. Once you did everything correctly, ta-daa:


Verdict: 5/5 —Amazing.

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