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Featured: Arcanum »

thumbnail of Arcanum: Magick VS Tech

Arcanum: Magick VS Tech

First things first: you are not reading this wrong, it’s magick and not magic. In the world of Arcanum, that is.

thumbnail of Arcanum: Party Seleciton

Arcanum: Party Seleciton

Party Numer ONE - November 2004 Level - 25. Laprovski - Male Dwarf - Raised by Monks Skills - Technologist: firearms, gunsmithy, electricity & …

thumbnail of Arcanum: the Gunslinger

Arcanum: the Gunslinger

Overview All right, you want yourself a cool character with even cooler guns. The problem is: technology is not that easy in Arcanum.

thumbnail of Arcanum: the Review

Arcanum: the Review

Amazing | Hooray hooray for classic urgh-so-bad-graphics-but-so-good-gameplay RPG-games like this! Arcanum is without a doubt the best game Troika ever made, …

thumbnail of RPG Concepts: NPCS

RPG Concepts: NPCS

Watch the NPC Reaction video tests! » An NPC is basically a character not controlled by the player, who can be of great importance during the …