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Unpacking: Meditative Monotomy


Picture this. You buy and play a video game in which you tidy up your home. Marie Kondo would be proud.

TOEM: A Wholesome Photo Adventure


TOEM is the mystery that you somehow have to discover, photograph, and take back home to show your mom. TOEM is the beauty that is the world, the kindness that are the people within it, and the lovely weirdness that is the interconnectedness of it all.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adventure Blog


It is a fresh breeze indeed as the Island unfolds, buildings appear, and I sweat my ass off trying to collect enough lumber and clay to satisfy even the most grumpy of Tom Nooks. Welcome to the latest installment of Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing: Wild World Adventure Blog


It is a wild world indeed as the Acorn festival is about to start. Should I exchange some acorns ro net me a chair so I can gift Drift something for his birthday? What to do!