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thumbnail of Wizardry 8 Playthrough Blog

Wizardry 8 Playthrough Blog

Wizardry 8: the Adventure Blog! I’ve been keen on replaying the whole game for old times sake - on a ‘real’ retro Win98 PC. After …

thumbnail of Wizardry 8: Classes Guide

Wizardry 8: Classes Guide

### The Bishop Race Best Races: Fairy: best INT & SPE. Downside: low PIE and almost no weapons/armor usable. (go for sprite daggers if you want …

thumbnail of Wizardry 8: General Tips

Wizardry 8: General Tips

Legal notice: Most tips, tricks, howtos and guides are - not - originally created by me. They are scattered throughout the Internet, and this site …

thumbnail of RPG Concepts: NPCS

RPG Concepts: NPCS

Watch the NPC Reaction video tests! » An NPC is basically a character not controlled by the player, who can be of great importance during the …

thumbnail of Wizardry 8: the Review

Wizardry 8: the Review

Amazing | Sirtech’s last and probably last role-playing game, Wizardy 8, was in development for a whopping 4 years. During this time, the developer lost not …