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Wizardry 8: Classes Guide


The Bishop Race Best Races: Fairy: best INT & SPE. Downside: low PIE and almost no weapons/armor usable. (go for sprite daggers if you want close-combat) Elf: good INT, PIE & DEX. Downside: less than fairies but you’ll be able to use better armor & weapons (use staffs, maces & shield - you need AC - or throwing) Other good races: gnome, human. Mook for SEN + DEX. Controlling attributes: Intelligence (max ASAP for power cast & keep on pumping this power skill!

Wizardry 8: General Tips


Legal notice: Most tips, tricks, howtos and guides are - not - originally created by me. They are scattered throughout the Internet, and this site contains a bunch of information found on other sites. Therefore, I am not responsible for any wrong information, or grammatical faults. If anybody notices his own text and would like to have it removed, please email me! A warm welcome to you, stranger.

RPG Concepts: NPCS


Watch the NPC Reaction video tests! >> An NPC is basically a character not controlled by the player, who can be of great importance during the many main or side quests. NPCs vary in importance and placement: they can either be annoying and useless or interesting and useful. Many Role-playing games only give the most important NPCs something useful to say or do. Talking to other characters makes no sense since they only answer with one of the standard sentences: “oh, you’re the princess!

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