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Riviera: the Review


Riviera: the Promised Land is the Roleplaying debut game of the japanese developer Sting, released on the Gameboy Advance in 2005. Riviera actually tries to be two things at once: a classic japanese Roleplaying game on a Handheld system, and something more unique. What Riviera without a doubt manages to do is put down an excellent soundtrack. In fact, the inspiring tunes and tracks are of one of the highest quality music I’ve ever heard on the GBA.

Impressive GBA RPGs


Since the Nintendo DS has been released a couple of years ago, many game related websites predicted a quick and painful death for the Gameboy Advance. Thankfully, none of those predictions made it into reality since the GBA library is still steadily growing, although a whole lot slower than in 2002. Nintendo’s smart marketing ideas enabled the DS to play GBA cartridges which indirectly prolongs the overall GBA’s life. Therefore, a lot of potentially great games have been released but mainly ignored in favor of less entertaining DS games.

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