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You’re looking at Jefklak’s (Retro Game) Codex, a dedicated and highly opinionated website about nostalgic games. A lovely mix between Nintendo handheld gaming love, ‘90s DOS games and old school PC RPGs that were an integral part of my youth.
That healthy cocktail left a lasting impression - and netted me the Codex (and glasses). A lot of articles have been carefully restored from the black depths of the Jefklak Archive for your entertainment. As Deckard Cain would have said it: Stay Awhile and Listen!

Featured Codex Articles

Experiencing the Enhanced Baldur's Gate


We move from one tree to the other, carefully glancing towards the ever so black fog of war. Imoen investigates things for us, while we prepare for the inevitable. Then, a sudden scream. Our friend is in sudden need of help! To battle! Or, as the more evil aligned main protagonist would say, ‘Oh well. Imoen had it coming. At least she can stop saying “good on you if you save the day” now.

Diablo III: Diablo for Kids


Ever wanted to play a real dungeon crawler but got held back by the possibility of a carpel tunnel syndrome? Did Diablo 2’s skill tree make you dizzy and the hard decisions on where to dump attribute points net you an increased blood pressure? No more, with Diablo III: Diablo for Kids! Cruising through the killing fields by the press of a single button. Forget health potions, character builds and scouring dungeons for loot.

Castlevania Circle of the Moon: a retrospective


As the hunt continues, from Aria of Sorrow to the beginning of Castlevania’s appearance on the GBA, Circle of the Moon, I have the uneasy feeling that my whip offers less solace in this scarier version of the castle. The encounter with an earth demon in the very first minutes acts as a warning for the rest of the game: be prepared to see YOU DIED a lot! Nathan Graves has to free his master from the clutches of - you guessed it - Dracula and partners, on the way avoiding the increasingly jealous Hugh Baldwin, the son of his master.

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow: a retrospective


Calling Aria of Sorrow the best handheld Castlevania is quite a bold statement: they’re all great in their own way. But after replaying this again (and again…) I’ve made up my mind: it is the best Castlevania - period. It’s the second best Gameboy Advance title of all times according to IGN. Yes, I am insinuating it’s better than Symphony of the night. And yes, I know of the inverted castle’s greatness and the rip-off in Harmony of Dissonance.

'Switch'-ing to the definitive nostalgic console


The Nintendo Switch has been on active duty here for longer than I can remember myself playing on any of my previous home consoles. Of course the Wii had it’s Virtual Console service where Nintendo forced you to pay another 5 EUR for NES, 8 EUR for SNES and 10 EUR for N64 games that were carefully, week by week, re-released. It must have been the fourth time I’ve bought the Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past.

Wario Land: a retrospective


It’s been over 20 years since I last touched any of the Wario Land games. I vaguely remember them being one of the most exciting platformers I’ve ever played as a kid. However, thanks to my manic tidying itches, I sold most if not all Gameboy games I’ve ever owned. Thanks to a recent resurgence in retro game interest, I came across a Wario game for the Gameboy. The shopkeeper sold them all 4 and raised his brow when I wanted to pay.

BG2 Solo Blade: A Report


Report Content Soloing - the Introduction The Blade Kit explained Used Baldur’s Gate II Setup Part 1: Irenicus’ Dungeon Part 2: The Circus Tent & Slums Slaves Part 3: A Tanner & More Slaves Part 4: The Astral Prison Part 5: Daystar & Mae’Var Part 6: Some Beholders & a Lich Part 7: Druid Grove & Guarded Compound Part 8: Planar Sphere & Kangaxx! Part 9: The Shadow Temple

BG2: Cleric/Ranger Guide


Guide Content Introduction to the cleric/ranger Basic progression guide Picking your equipment The cleric/ranger’s spell picks Introduction to the cleric/ranger Since little non-playable and joinable characters are as good in healing as Viconia is, you might end up creating your own cleric. Especially if you intend to play as a neutral or good party. Remember Viconia and Keldorn both at the same time in your party is asking for trouble: either one of the two will leave or they might even fight in later stages.

Baldur's Gate 2: Mage Talk


Ever wondered whatever the heck those crazy Arcane spellcasters say every time they unleash one of their spells upon you? It's actually very simple and stands for the chosen spell's spell school (abjuration, evocation, ...). Male and female voices are of course different, and the pronunciations vary too sometimes (Vita Mortis [Carero]/[Calia]?). All formulaes are actually Latin, and Latin is often pronounced differently depending on the dialect. Here is a quick overview: 1.

Wizardry 8: Classes Guide


The Bishop Race Best Races: Fairy: best INT & SPE. Downside: low PIE and almost no weapons/armor usable. (go for sprite daggers if you want close-combat) Elf: good INT, PIE & DEX. Downside: less than fairies but you’ll be able to use better armor & weapons (use staffs, maces & shield - you need AC - or throwing) Other good races: gnome, human. Mook for SEN + DEX. Controlling attributes: Intelligence (max ASAP for power cast & keep on pumping this power skill!

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