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Reviews from 2001 revived!

Good news everyone! Futurama might not be back, but old PC gaming previews and reviews from UnionVault.NET, one of Jefklak’s Codex ancestors, have been revived. I happened to stumble upon a few readable HTML files wile looking for something else and decided to throw them into Google Translate as they were originally written in (poor) Dutch.

Don’t fret if if’ts in “Engrish” - it’s the nostalgic factor that counts!

Reviews anno 2001:

Even better; previews of what was to come in 2002:

Especially the added technical minimum requirements are amusing. A Pentium II at 300 or 400 MHz with 16MB SD RAM was the bare minimum, and the year 2000 was the turning point for Gigahertz processors. Especially AMD’s Athlon Thunderbird, that was easily overclockable, turned out to be a godsend for gamers. Now where is that Voodoo 3 or Riva TNT 2 card?

AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 GHz, including messy thermal paste
AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 GHz, including messy thermal paste

I recently revived an old 80486 DOS PC and fitted a DX2-66 MHz processor into the non-Zero-Insertion-Force socket. Now that was a blast from the past! After clearing out old junk in the storage room at work, we found a Thunderbird 1.4 GHz still attached to a AGPx4 motherboard. I’m saving up parts for a Windows 98 project to relive the above games on the actual hardware.

What a great time to grow old.


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