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Baldur's Gate 2: Mage Talk

Ever wondered whatever the heck those crazy Arcane spellcasters say every time they unleash one of their spells upon you? It’s actually very simple and stands for the chosen spell’s spell school (abjuration, evocation, …). Male and female voices are of course different, and the pronunciations vary too sometimes (Vita Mortis Carero/Calia?). All formulaes are actually Latin, and Latin is often pronounced differently depending on the dialect. Here is a quick overview:

Update November, 2020: Broken links galore… Replaced with embedded <AUDIO/> tags.

1. Illusion
"Veritas, Credo, Oculos" = "The truth, I believe, with my eyes"
2. Alteration
"Praeses, Alia, Fero" = "Protecting, another, I bring this forth"
3. Necromancy: "Vita, Mortis, Careo" = "Life, and death, I am without"
4. Divination
"Scio, Didici, Pecto" = "I know, for I have studied, with my mind"
5. Abjuration
"Manus, Potentis, Paro" = "A hand, powerful, I prepare"
6. Evocation
"Incertus, Pulcher, Imperio" = "Uncertain, beautiful things, I command"
7. Conjuration
"Facio, Voco, Ferre" = "This I do, I call, to bring you forth"
8. Enchantment
"Cupio, Virtus, Licet" = "I want, excellence, allowed to me"

Thanks to DarkAsKnight3050 at Spellholdstudios.

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Audio recorded with Camtasia Studio and converted with MMConvert.

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