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Experiencing the Enhanced Baldur's Gate


We move from one tree to the other, carefully glancing towards the ever so black fog of war. Imoen investigates things for us, while we prepare for the inevitable. Then, a sudden scream. Our friend is in sudden need of help! To battle! Or, as the more evil aligned main protagonist would say, ‘Oh well. Imoen had it coming. At least she can stop saying “good on you if you save the day” now.

BG2 Solo Blade: A Report


Report Content Soloing - the Introduction The Blade Kit explained Used Baldur’s Gate II Setup Part 1: Irenicus’ Dungeon Part 2: The Circus Tent & Slums Slaves Part 3: A Tanner & More Slaves Part 4: The Astral Prison Part 5: Daystar & Mae’Var Part 6: Some Beholders & a Lich Part 7: Druid Grove & Guarded Compound Part 8: Planar Sphere & Kangaxx! Part 9: The Shadow Temple

BG2: Cleric/Ranger Guide


Guide Content Introduction to the cleric/ranger Basic progression guide Picking your equipment The cleric/ranger’s spell picks Introduction to the cleric/ranger Since little non-playable and joinable characters are as good in healing as Viconia is, you might end up creating your own cleric. Especially if you intend to play as a neutral or good party. Remember Viconia and Keldorn both at the same time in your party is asking for trouble: either one of the two will leave or they might even fight in later stages.

Baldur's Gate 2: Mage Talk


Ever wondered whatever the heck those crazy Arcane spellcasters say every time they unleash one of their spells upon you? It's actually very simple and stands for the chosen spell's spell school (abjuration, evocation, ...). Male and female voices are of course different, and the pronunciations vary too sometimes (Vita Mortis [Carero]/[Calia]?). All formulaes are actually Latin, and Latin is often pronounced differently depending on the dialect. Here is a quick overview: 1.

Baldur's Gate 2: Party Guide


Party Number TWO - 06 Jan. 2006 (download link no longer available) Party Numer TWO - 06 Jan. 2006 Attitude: Xandarr, my main character. I decided to create a melee divine spellcaster, for the very first time, since I’ve been using Arcane Magic way too much. I ended up with three members who are able to cast divinity spells, which is awesome. Xandarr is also the main melee mob killer, besides Keldorn.

Baldur's Gate 2: Spell Protection


Lots of misunderstanding exist for breaking through the spell protections of high level spell casting creatures. This guide is an almost exact copy of zvijers guide at the gone forgotten wars forum, also carried on by “The Hero’s Guide to a Successful adventure”. I found this to be very informative and vital for solo runs. The strategies explain mage protections in weimer’s Tactics modification. All credits go to Xyx, Alson and Littiz for their Spell Reference Guide!

RPG Concepts: Items


Items present in the World Did you ever play an RPG, wondering why the world is so empty? Do you ever wonder, while entering a noble house without any real permission, why all closets are empty or not even openable? If you happen to like looting everybody’s treasure chests, bepare to be disappointed as some wealthy NPCs keep two single gold pieces in them. Wow! The RPG world “contents” should also reflect the current neighborhood you’re traveling in.

BG2/Infinity Engine Mods


A few days ago, Obsidian’s modular Roleplaying game Neverwinter Nights 2 was released. NWN is well-known for its overwhelming amounth of fan-made modules and even whole Community Packs. This is the result of BioWare’s powerful Aurora Engine toolkit, which came packaged with the game. So actually it’s not that strange the game gets so much attention - take a look at UT2004’s numberous modifications or Total Conversions: with UnrealEd this is all possible.

On Killing a Lich


Both old school and modern roleplaying games feature many times at least one “Lich” entry. And the evil spellcasting undead creature will almost always kick your butt without proper protection. And why is it that so many big boss battles featuring some kind of super evil incarnation always have to transform into even worse enemies? Even Ganon tricked me in A link to The Past, although he is certainly not classified as Lich.

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