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Black and White: Creature Isle

Black & White is one of the most talked about games of the past year. There is therefore no doubt that that game was a well-aimed bull’s eye. Peter Molyneux did his best and it was honestly awarded him one of the best games of last year. There was already talk of some sort of expansion on the market, and here it is: Creature Isle. Will this expansion also achieve the high gameplay content like the original B&W?

Just as much B&W as before

Don’t expect too many big changes to this expansion pack: B&W was a great weirdly crafted game that got its way anyway, and this expansion is no exception. Dropping “B&W” usually reminded you of great AI and an extensive gameplay world. This game removes the mistakes the previous version made, which they should perhaps have already made in their first version … You must try to conquer the faith of all the people in the world by working miracles so that they can to worship. This gives you “power” and you can try to conquer other peoples with the help of your lap dog / giraffe / elephant / … __

Beast raised

In Creature Isle, your animal still accompanies you, and in the beginning of the game you arrive in a new piece of land. You come to know that this is controlled by the brotherhood. To join it, you must visit a female creature, Eve, and win her charms. In this expansion, the storyline continues, but instead of talking about your creature’s childhood, they now continue playing mom / dad.

More special games than 1 big one

You will have to complete several smaller games in the grand scheme of things together with your creature. You have to go bowling with a lazy cow, play a marble game with a monkey, play football with the baboon and his friends, race with a turtle, rescue a bear that has been held captive by a gorilla, … They are well built and varied, so you will always complete the game to see what your next assignment is.

Small mistakes

 Unfortunately, not all games are fun: gardening may be nice in real life, but watering a garden on the computer with your creature, we would not have thought that from Peter … That will get very boring after a while ! And most of these assignments your creature has to complete, and you yourself get to click and drag the rope that holds your creature all the time to get through, rather fusing on the latter. Then some things also go on time, and you have to rotate your camera with the mouse at the same time (the interface is unique in B&W: there is hardly any!), Which requires a lot of effort. After a while you want to skip the cutscenes as quickly as possible, but that is not even possible!

Stupid chickens!

Those small assignments are the majority of the game, but there is still. Earlier in the game you will have to release an egg from the clutches of some naughty beast, and you can hatch this egg with your creature. Hatches a little yellow chick named Tyke. He’s now like you had to raise your creature in the beginning of B&W, only your creature takes care of it. The chick that later becomes a chicken picks up all the funny tricks, which still brightens up the game a bit. Your own creature now teaches Kyle the skills such as water and food making, but he does this much faster than your log beast.

Other new features

There are like a Rhino and a giant chick (no not Jozef) new creatures that you can kick the other ass with, so there is fun in that.  Every time you complete an assignment, a new beast that you can switch with your creature will now appear in the main menu. You can also fight the new beasts if you want, but be careful, your beast must be well trained to win all those fights … Most assignments can be redone if you want, but I don’t really have that. had a lot of sense, because then you are again confronted with those stupid mistakes. Playing time of this expansion is approx. 15 hours, not really that much for an expansion. Rather buy BGII: Throne of Baal if you don’t already have one!


B&W: Creature Isle is best for people who also loved the original Black & White. Surprisingly, it is satisfactory for some other people too. We are sorry for the many annoying mistakes. If those were eliminated and the duration of this expansion was a little longer, this would be a very successful expansion … Alas!

  • Gameplay: 7
  • Graphics: 8
  • Sound: 8
  • Addiction level: 9
  • Total: 74/100

Minimum requirements: PII 350 or equal, 8 MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM, 3D Accelerator, 8MB VRAM, 430 MB disk space, mouse, soundcard.

(Screens source: Gamespot)

(This review is originally written in Dutch, in 2002)

Verdict: 2/5 —Mediocre.

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