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Commandos 2: Men of Courage Review

Direct attack is not always the best way, this concept lies close to the heart of Commandos 2 just like its predecessor, the delightful 1998 real-time tactical combat game with mixed elements of action, stealth and sometimes even puzzle solving in a World War. II framework. In 1999, Spanish developer Pyro Studios came out with a stand-alone pack with more action, but also with more experience required. So be warned, in Commandos 2, you are in command of a small troop of elite soldiers, who must lead you to success in Germany and Japan. This game is very difficult, especially at the beginning, but it certainly brings the atmosphere of the Second World War …

Inspired by filming

As you can see very well that this atmosphere is also radiated in many classic war films. That’s also because Commandos 2 (and 1) is inspired by many of these films, such as The Guns of Navarone, Bridge on the River Kwai, or maybe even the recent Saving Private Ryan. You will easily notice if you have seen one of these films that the game plays on it: for example you have a mission in China where you have to cross a large bridge … [see screenshots]


As you get more missions played towards you, you will also notice that the objectives are never the same: for example, you have to save a Hindu, snipe a rebel leader, steal documents, seduce someone, … So there is more than enough variety. Also quest sets you have one mission snow, while with the other you are in the middle of the palm trees in the hot sun … The uniforms of all soldiers walking around there are also not always the same: there are snipers, regular soldiers, SS officers , workers, … And when you go to China, they also differ! Well done!

The missions

There are a total of 10 major missions in the game, and if done well you will also get small bonus missions. But make no mistake, because those missions are likely to spend hours messing around and smogging before you successfully complete them! Even the bonus missions are abnormally difficult, which does spoil the gameplay in the game … It shouldn’t be too easy, but so hard that you swear that isn’t normal anymore is a bit of an exaggeration!

The heroes

Questie characters have everything like mustache: Just like in Commandos 1, you have about 7 elite soldiers at your disposal including a dead-like Green Beret, a spy (and a lady-like!), A thief who can climb anything, a mechanic who cars can ride and throw bombs, a bomb expert who can use flamethrowers and bazookas, and a fast navy who throws knives! Enough choice, isn’t it? Naturally you can’t just choose your characters in every level, that would make the whole game way too easy …

Lots of dragging

You can see what he / she had with all the beaten and gagged (or dead) soldiers and take it with him, this all works a bit like an RPG’s inventory. You start with a small amount of items that you can expand extremely during the game. So the sniper starts with ocharm 5 bullets of which you will think “djeu that’s a bit too little”. Nothing could be further from the truth, but as you progress in the game / mission, I even had to throw bullets, I had that many! What is new is that you can also take his clothes with each soldier, which in Commandos 1 only the spy could. You can also use bottles to lure such as cigarettes, put sleeping pills in dog food against barking, take knives, find pieces of photos for the bonus missions, collect clothes, carry bullets, … So if you have too little space, because I once had to get rid of a flamethrower because I didn’t have enough space, which is a shame.

Indoors? no ???

Another of the strongest assets of this beautiful strategy game is that you can even enter buildings through a window / door! If that isn’t going to be something interesting … But you have to pay damn close, because probably there are about 10 German soldiers walking around in that house. With the thief you can crawl into a high window through the wall and let a rope down for your other mates, which brings up a completely different strategy.

Once in a house, the engine automatically switches to 3D, so you can rotate your screen 360 ° that is sweetheart. Sometimes this is necessary because some enemies are behind desks and you do not see them directly on your screen. Do not forget your thief and the navy in the house, which is vital! The Navy can defuse enemies by throwing its knife, which is quite an advantage. But this is a review, not a walktrough …


Formulated in a few key words, the game is visually beautiful, nicely animated with a lot of variation. It’s just a pity that it is too difficult, so that you immediately start to lose your patience! If you want a tailor-made strategy game in a World War II framework, this game is made for you! A few great features that test your brain and your reflexes that hard-core gamers are certainly not averse to!

  • Gameplay: 8
  • Graphics: 10
  • Sound: 8
  • Addiction level: 9
  • Total: 87/100

Minimum requirements: PII 300 or very fast other ting, 64 MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM, 3D Accelerator, 12MB VRAM, 2048 MB disk space, mouse, soundcard, DirectX 8.0.

(Screens source: Gamespot)

(This review is originally written in Dutch, in 2002)

Verdict: 5/5 —Amazing.

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