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Hitman 2: the Preview

It promises to be tough times again. GTA 3 isn’t quite out yet, and Hitman 2 is already starting to emerge. The freaky killer machines that want to try out a few different ways to ‘put someone down’ are going to buy this game without mercy, because it is home to the most dangerous bald head in the entire globe, and that calls itself a mercenary too!

Listen to those fans!

Hitman 1 was one of the games that was released under great expectations. Unfortunately, this one has not lived up to all expectations, but that does not mean that it was a bad game. The graphics were amazing then, and the atmosphere was original to say the least. But Hitman was such a game in which you could get stuck, because it sometimes took 3 hours to complete 1 mission, and you could NOT save in between! “Fortunately” (OEF man ed.) This has been fixed in the 2nd (and hopefully better version) of Hitman.

The story

As you can see in the screenshots, you still play the dangerous assassin who doesn’t even know his own name. Tired of the massacre and murders after the first part, he retires to a peaceful monastery. Until a Russian mafia boss tracks him back and by kidnapping the abbot forces him to start his killing parties again divided into 6 chapters and 20 missions.

1000 ways to kill

The main difference from the first version of Hitman is that you now have full control over the killing itself. You only get to know in advance that you have to kill person X or Y, but how you decide! Of course you also have to make sure that you are not discovered … That is less easy than with the 1st version: pick up the 1st and best package and put it on - if you work this way, you have a good chance that a 6 MM bullet through your bald head … An example: in a certain mission you have to make sure that an open heart operation of a Mafia boss goes to pieces. So the best thing you can do is dress up as a surgeon and screw up the surgery, but make it look like a medical blunder has happened. Another mission is to snipe a particular gang member. Small detail: you are not sure who it is. You do have a vague description of the character, but the hit must be done in a crowded place with even more people. You can’t afford innocent victims, so you need to find out who to kill and then find him. Another way to kill people is to poison them. Another example: a mafia boss is almost impossible to approach, so you put poison in his son’s food. Big funeral, and just when the father bursts into tears, you pull out your hardball player and pop his eyes out. Not really sensitive, but it is well found!

Larger range of weapons

 How creative we are today: there are about 9 more weapons in it than the previous version! That is of course great fun. These weapons range from a fair share of snipers, but there are also plenty of close-combat weapons included so you don’t have to aim your scope at someone who is stabbing you with a knife. The next novelty in terms of weapons is that you no longer have to select them in advance for each mission: You can choose the exact weapons in a kind of shop during the game and put the job in the shakosh. But with some missions there are also metal detectors, and then you can only use your choke cord (read: fibrewire).

Also 1st Person View

Surprisingly, the makers also took into account that all people complained about the accurate shooting in 3d person view, which is virtually impossible. Well, there is also a 1st Person view in Hitman 2!  You can change cameras whenever you want. Attention has also been paid to the difficulty level: fixed saves have now been created (x number per level) and the missions have been slightly reduced in terms of surface area. IO claims that it should therefore not become less exciting, and nothing could be further from the truth … Unfortunately there is no news about the multiplayer that could be ‘possibly’ in it, but I have my doubts about that . No!


In the first version, the IO did not succeed in getting all gamers to finish the game, but due to the almost overwhelming freedom and the 1000 ways 2 kill, it looks like the IO will succeed this time … A lot of people- around the corner help have fun! ;-)

(Screens source: Gamespot)

(This article is originally written in Dutch, in 2002)

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