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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Review

This game was on everyone’s Christmas list long before it came out, but unfortunately it had to be postponed until 2002, like several games. That is why expectations got higher and higher, especially in connection with the competition with other 3D shooters. But is the game really good? This is the 1st time that a game like this after Half-Life has grabbed our throat like that!

This is war

The game starts when you find yourself in an army truck together with your fellow American soldiers. You drive down a bumpy dirt road at night while your sergeant gives instructions for the mission. Turns out you’re on your way to an occupied camp where one of our best spies is being held captive. So there you are, snuggled under the green tarp of the truck and just when you start to think you’re in some kind of Half-Life-esque intro, all hell breaks loose. From that moment on, the cozy feeling is over, the only feeling you will experience in the coming days is war, pure war!

You’re not alone in this doom

The feeling of real war is already good, but in this game you don’t play a Duke hero who kills everyone and saves the females on his own … You play in many missions with teams that will assist you. , depending on the circumstances. And they are certainly not headless pigs that just take all the bullets for you, in most cases these are better than you, but the enemy is not alone, so beware! Especially in the beginning you are the less good, and you get this feeling because they give you orders that you have to follow all the time!

Graphics better than RTCW?

The first positive thing you notice when the built-in intro starts is the great graphics. But that is not surprising since every good shooter has already taken out a license on the Quake 3 Arena engine. Wolfenstein also works at that level, but those makers have especially set the atmosphere considerably high. The graphics at MOHAA are very good, but just not better than Wolfenstein, and that doesn’t deserve 10 … Difficulty rating and AI.

This game is not easy at all, which is why your buddies are also much better in AI than other team-based shooters. For example, if you shoot an enemy in the leg, he will drag himself to take cover and / or possibly ask someone for help. When you throw a grenade, everyone shouts “GRANATE!” and they look for cover as quickly as possible … That also gives very nice animations that are not at all choppy or anything. You may bump into a tough German who dares to throw that grenade back! Sometimes these are a bit too slow and they explode, mohahaha: -D So at one point I had to enter a bunker to blow up a radar installation. I was sneaking from bush to bush to approach the bunker unnoticed but then I ducked behind a piece of wall, they had seen me. The Dark behind the machine gun started shooting like a maniac at that wall I was hiding behind. The chunks flew around my ears. As soon as I showed my big toe, they shot it off. Suddenly I saw a small canal to my left, I ducked in and hoped they hadn’t seen me. I snuck through the canal and came out at the side of the bunker. I could now look into the bunker from the side. I saw that German with his machine gun was still firing at that wall! He hadn’t seen me so he thought I was still hiding there. I calmly took out my sniper rifle and PLOP!

Cool missions

The missions are not the least you can call original … There are missions that build on the previous one, such as eg. when you have to steal a German tank (prototype) with a few specialists. When you and your mates finally conquer that stupid tanker, your next mission is to get through town in one piece with that same tank! And of course YOU have to control them … The big problem is that enemy units there also have anti-tank weapons stabbing, and then if you shoot that whole city at your leisure, they have a chance to defuse you …

Immerse yourself in that world

The atmosphere is largely created by the great soundtrack. You have the feeling that you are watching Saving private Ryan, but you play with it yourself!

It gets more and more exciting with the storyline, because on the latter you sometimes get dropped Nazi bombs right in your face, so keep that Quickload button pressed … Also the multi-player part is simply BOM (literally sometimes: - p), raiding / conquering an enemy line together is simply the end!


If you are a gamer buy this game, if you don’t you better get lace making, because this is the best binary war experience for PC ever! You shouldn’t let something like that pass you by …

  • Gameplay: 10
  • Graphics: 9
  • Sound: 10
  • Addiction level: 10
  • Total: 96/100

Minimum requirements: PII 350 or equal, 64 MB RAM, 3D Accelerator, mouse, soundcard.

(This review is originally written in Dutch, in 2002)

Verdict: 5/5 —Amazing.

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