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The Sims: Vacation the Preview

Everyone is now certain that The Sims is one of the most successful Sim games ever. In America alone, 2.8 million copies were sold in May 2000! In the meantime, about 3 add-ons have been released, each with unique features. Will this addon be able to hold its own between all new games or will it be further milking of the gerne? We have already investigated …

Household on PC

The best-selling add-on game from The Sims is without a doubt Hot Date because Maxis managed to recreate not only the household on PC, but also the whole social life! Now that a party was already being held, your houses were better furnished, your love was virtually packed, what does Maxis have to come up with this time to keep the Sims fans quiet? Well, Sims can go to town to shop if they feel like it. But taking a real vacation is not yet possible. This is what they mean in this extension: taking a ‘break’ - away from those children who shit their pants - away from your sweetheart who comes to see her earrings - lying on the beach or enjoying skiing with friends.

What’s new?

The game will feature a whole new area (like the town of Hot Date): Vacation Island. There you can easily suck up your long drink through a straw without all those problems on your mind. But of course in all other expansion suits there are not only a few new catches this time, but also about 100 new objects to brighten up your home again. In the latter you would say that objects are created there that no longer exist in real life, because admit: how many are there already and how many do you actually use? In addition to these new finds, a few example houses are also included to see how best to make your home. Perhaps to allow you to pass through as an architect later, your diploma will say ‘Sims valuable house ©’ at the bottom, who knows …

Vacation Island

As we mentioned before, Vacation Island is a very special environment that can best be compared to Downtown at Hot Date. You can go anywhere you want or you can call a Taxi. Vacation Island is also fully customable - i.e. fully customizable - so if there’s one thing you don’t like: break it down! Vacation Island has it all: Ponds for fishing, ski slopes for snowboarding, Beaches for volleyball or sunbathing … you name it. You have an unlimited budget with which you can build up all the hotels you want and then stay in them yourself!

While you are sunbathing

It’s actually as simple as anything: pick up the phone, call a cab and you’re on Vacation Island … But what happens at your house? Actually nothing at all: time ‘freezes’ for the largest part. When you get back home, almost nothing will have changed except for a few things. The main thing is that your friendship (relationship) with other people who are not in your family will deteriorate, which is normal if you do not see them on your holiday. To keep that up, you can also buy postcards and send them to all your friends who stayed at home, just like the real thing ;-)

Cheat money

The second biggest problem you will feel when you go on vacation is money problems. Just because you have an unlimited budget to build the island doesn’t mean that when you get there with your Sims, everything is free! Everything costs money, just about everything. Do you want to play volleyball on the beach? Pay! Do you want to make a snowman? You have to rent equipment to do that -> costs money … Do you want to buy presents from the Gift shop? costs money … You especially have to be careful if you only have a small job and your wife is unemployed, for example … Then there are two solutions: either look for a lot of work & earn money and then go on vacation, or simply cheat; - ). Every night at the hotel costs are going to add up, so the more money you have, the longer you can afford to spend in that amazing paradise.

Of anything and everything

Of course you can solve this in other ways. Maxis has thought about this carefully; this way you can win with games and earn money.

It is also possible to rent a metal detector on the beach and try to find old coins and then sell them to stay longer … Far fetched, but still original. You can spend the night in a cheaper hotel or in an igloo / tent / open air, which costs much less. But that is of course at the expense of ‘room’ and comfort … But beware: annoying Sims in tents = a fight … Especially in Hot Date the restaurants where sometimes a bit of ‘mess’ is made …


Maxis is once again going to succeed in producing a successful addon for the all too famous Sims game. You can do even more realistic things here, have even more fun and above all … spend even more money! Wondering if it won’t be a rip-off this time …

(Screens source: Gamespot)

(This article is originally written in Dutch, in 2002)

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