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The Hype Train


I’m pretty sure most of you know the feeling. A new game has been recently announced, maybe with some additional gameplay footage or early concept art. You knew from that point on, the game had to be great, no mistake made. A couple of logical reasons could possibly be: The title is a sequel to your favourite game all time The title comes from a well known and loved development studio Both title and studio are completely new or unknown, but the genre is to your liking None of the above apply.

Flashback: Bullfrog


The gaming development industry is a harsh world, especially since 2005. Publishers keep demanding more value for buck which often results into many game delay periods. Sometimes it may even end up real bad: the development studio will be forced to shut down due to lack of funds, popularity, hype, or other factors. Let’s take a closer look at one of the entrepreneurs of video gaming, Bullfrog Productions, and how exactly the company met the final end.

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