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Platform: PC

Fused with keyboard and mouse, clutched behind a glowing screen, feeling the whizzing of the too many fans from the case: welcome to PC gaming! From the old 80386 to the Bold Win95/98/XP machines, this list contains a plethora of PC games over many different generations. But: the older, the better!

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thumbnail of Albion


Blue Byte (1995)
32.2 hrs.

thumbnail of Kathy Rain

Kathy Rain

Clifftop Games (2016)
5.5 hrs.

thumbnail of Diablo 2

Diablo 2

Blizzard North (2000)
35.5 hrs.

thumbnail of nox


Westwood Pacific (2000)
14 hrs.

thumbnail of sacred


Ascaron (2004)
25 hrs.

thumbnail of Arcanum


Troika Games (2001)
32 hrs.

thumbnail of Hitman 2

Hitman 2

IO Software (2002)
10 hrs.

thumbnail of Wizardry 8

Wizardry 8

Sir-Tech Canada (2001)
91.5 hrs.

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